The Dearth of Creativity

Ken Robinson is a leading international thinker on the subject of creativity and its role in the school system. Speaking to the importance of multiple intelligences, he also discusses the business of education, the economics of distress and the ecology of human resources. Check out his message in the video above.

SOYA Client Profile: The MYST Millionaires Program

Happy New Year!

This year, SOYA looks forward to working with youth-serving agencies that are looking to build in the areas of program facilitation and program design.

SOYA is happy to be the official consultant group working with the new youth program MYST Millionaires which is under the auspices of the media entitiy MYST Media Solutions, Inc. SOYA has helped MYST, so far, in areas of curriculum design, Advancing Youth Development Theory and recruitment strategies.

The MYST Millionaires is a youth program that engages middle-school youth in hands-on music production instruction while building skills in financial literacy, mass communications and character development.

Visit for contact information and to learn more about the program.

Contact us today at to learn how we can help your organization in the areas that we are helping MYST, or let us provide you with a free consultation to create an individual service plan that best suits your organization’s needs. Start the year off right by getting started early for your next program year!