SOYA Founder Promoting Literacy & the Dream of Publishing a Book

While I serve as founder and a consultant through SOYA, I’ve also had the incredible priviledge of growing a thriving arts community with the online space I edited a collection of literary art and visual art by members of the network and published it this past June. The book, Liberated Muse Volume I: How I Freed My Soul (Outskirts Press, 2009) has already enjoyed the sale of over 100 copies since its availability began.

We’ve been touring with the book since June, performing in evening venues complete with musical entertainment and readings from contributors to the book. Yesterday was a day event, however. The executive director of Southeast Ministries in southeast DC asked me to talk about my process in publishing the book, and sign copies for emerging adult learners. What a great day it was!

I am looking forward to coming to your school this calendar year. Click here to get an overview.