Happy Holidays from SOYA: Celebrating Kwanzaa

Hope you are enjoying the holidays! Today is the second day of Kwanzaa, an African-centered holiday created in the 1960’s to celebrate African history and principles. The holiday is intended to help African descendants stay committed to values to help uplift the community and prepare generations to come.

Parents, educators and youth workers can do wonderful activities with young people to commemorate this holiday and program for the entire year. I developed a summer curriculum for an enrichment program in 2005 that focuses on the seven principles of Kwanzaa with a focus on each principle each individual week. Click HERE to learn more about Kwanzaa and contact me at Khadijah11@gmail.com if you would like help developing a curriculum for your classroom or program that utilizes the seven principles of Kwanzaa.
Khadijah Ali-Coleman

DC Scores Poetry Slam Features Youth Poets Who Get Political

DC Scores had their 12th annual Poetry Slam at Kelly Miller Middle School in southeast Washington DC on Thursday, Dec. 3.

SOYA’s founder Khadijah Ali-Coleman worked with Kelly Miller’s DC Scores’ students for eight sessions where she worked with them on basic music theory, songwriting and stage choreography. Click HERE for more about the poetry slam on Examiner.com.