New Blog Lists Youth Arts Programs in DC for Winter/Spring 2011

It’s always great to be in the know of what programs are in and around the community that offer youth programming that is of high-quality. The new blog “Arts for DC Kids” recently updated us on several such programs that you can choose from. Check the list out here. This great list breaks the programs down into categories of Multidisciplinary, Dance, Theater, Music and Visual Arts and contains some of the more popular programs alongside some lesser known organizations. Kudos to Arts for DC Kids for a great compilation and here’s hoping those of you reading who are parents select something that’s a win for your young person!

5 Tips to Combat Online Bullying

Online bullying has become news-worthy as of late due to numerous situations where bullying has resulted in those being bullied attempting (and often succeeding) to kill or injure themselves due to embarrassment.  However, the irony is that research finds that often those who are hateful, rude and very confrontational on line to others are those who would not feel so confident to do the same thing in person. Some tips for youth and adults who are experiencing a bullying situation on line– which is basically one where you are being harassed, defamed or threatened– include these easy to follow suggestions:
  1. Make sure you keep documentation of all the postings, emails, etc. that your stalker posts and/or sends you

2. Make sure, also, that you notify the sites that they post the information on so that an investigation can begin and/or so documentation can be created that you are attempting to have the information taken down.

3. When unauthorized photos are posted, this is an example of copyright infringement that most sites don’t allow and will, in most cases, immediately take down. The same usually results if the posting your stalker is posting is racist and hate-mongering in substance. This is especially true when a physical threat is made.

4. Let Others Know. Don’t feel like this is a situation you must handle alone. Experts are reporting that often those who are cyberbullied often experience the same feelings those who are bullied in person endure. If this is something that happens to you, don’t believe that you have to keep this secret.

5. Contact Your Local Police Department. Some cities/states have specific units that address online crimes. Inquire to see what services are in place to help stop your cyber bully.