Felicia Pride Shares Updates from the Walbrook Project

 I was thrilled to learn late last year that writer and youth advocate Felicia Pride had won a $1000 grant from Ignite Baltimore to implement a project in her community. This multi-talented creative decided to rally youth in a local community in her city of Baltimore and work with the youth so they would create a video documentary illustrating life in their community. This project, called the Walbrook Project has taken full effect and she shares updates below:

The Walbrook Project continues to move forward and we are thrilled at how things are coming together.  The teens have completed several sessions to learn core elements of storytelling. Under the instruction and guidance of Josef Sawyer, a local filmmaker and founder of Black Maybe Productions, they’ve brainstormed to decide about the stories they want to tell of the Walbrook community.

As they’ve developed their ideas, it has been very exciting to watch the interactions of the teens with each other and with their filmmaking mentors. We are delighted to have three local filmmakers serving as mentors—Josef Sawyer, Sanford Grimes, and Dankwa Brooks. The teens are currently interviewing and shooting as they focus their films on: Walbrook then and now, community arts, and landmarks/parks.

On January 8th, through video, The Walbrook Project represented the youth voice at Amplify Baltimore, a quarterly conversation presented by Civic Frame and held at the Maryland Institute College of ArtAmplify Baltimore gathers the community to explore the city’s promise.  The topics on January 8th included Who Are We (demographics) and Where Are We Going (the city plan); Political Literacy; and Public Safety. The teens’ video interviews were shown as the introduction to each of the segments of the conference.

In these rough cuts, the teen voices capture the spotlight.
Teens from The Walbrook Project discuss: Who We Are and Where Are We Going?

Teens from The Walbrook Project discuss: Violence in Baltimore

Teens from The Walbrook Project discuss: The Political Leadership of Baltimore

Stay Tuned

1. The Walbrook Project films will be partially screened and discussed at the Walters Art Gallery as part of Ignite Baltimore 7 on March 10th, 2011.
2. The Walbrook Project films will be screened as part of a community gathering on Thursday, April 7, 2011 at the Walbrook Library. Here’s a link to more information about the project: http://thebacklist.net/go/youth/the-walbrook-project/.
Be sure to stay up-to-date and support the teens and the project by “Liking” The Walbrook Project Facebook page.

Daughters of Destiny Girls Enrichment Program

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So Our Youth Aspire (SOYA)’s founder Khadijah Z. Ali-Coleman will be facilitating a Visioning Board activity for the young ladies this weekend, Saturday, January 29 at 11am. Learn more about Daughters of Destiny HERE.  Email us at SoOurYouthAspire@yahoo.com for more information about the workshop.