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The Creative Midwife

my daughter Khari in 2007

In 2008, my daughter Khari was four years-old and loved picture books. She had begun reading before I could catch a breath, and I was eager to quench her thirst for reading by buying as many books as I could. As a writer, the thought occurred to me that it would be really cool to begin writing books for my little girl, featuring her as a character.

That year, I did just that, writing the first book, “Mariah’s Maracas”, in less than a day. The book featured Khari as a classmate of the titular character. I decided that the book would be the first in a series of books that would each feature a student in Ms. Rio’s fourth grade class.

me and my daughter Khari Isabel

Life events over the next ten years halted the book project, pushing it further to the back burner…

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