Proposed Changes to Maryland’s homeschool policy

In March 2019, a proposal was submitted to change the homeschool policy in Maryland that requires a home visit to observe activities included in the portfolio. According to the Maryland Homeschool Association blog,

The changes are straightforward and simple:

  1. Delete the phrase “observe instruction” in COMAR 13A.10.01.E that pertains to county homeschool liaisons; AND
  2. Delete the entire requirement for “Annual visits by supervisory personnel to the site where the pupil is receiving instruction.” in COMAR 13A.10.05(1)(c) that pertains to umbrella reviewers.

Should the proposed homeschool regulations go into effect, local county school boards will no longer have the option to request or require to “observe instruction” of a homeschool child. Additionally, umbrellas will no longer be required to conduct reviews in a family’s home.

Click here to read what you can do to help support this policy.

Khadijah Z. Ali-Coleman is a homeschooling mother, a multi-media strategist and professional creative who has built an expansive interdisciplinary career as a professional in higher education, media, student development and the arts.  You can join her mailing list and register for her courses for homeschooling families at

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