High School Homeschoolers May Not Need SAT or ACT to Apply for Fall 2021 College Enrollment

COVID-19 has done some extremely crummy things in this past five months. However, one of the things we may be able to be grateful for is that some colleges and universities have chosen to scrap standardized testing for incoming Fall 2021 freshman. That means that homeschoolers who will be high school seniors this fall applying to college, there is a chance their college of choice may only require a transcript, resume of activities, recommendations and an application to be considered.


In another post, I talked about how homeschoolers typically are expected to demonstrate much more than traditionally schooled students when it comes to college admission.  Even if a homeschooling child attended community college prior to applying to a four-year, many schools before have expected them to still prove college readiness by taking a standardized test. Even as research continues to show the bias of standardized tests and prove that they do not determine academic success in college, they continue to be the determining factor when it comes to admitting homeschooled students for some schools. But, it looks like that may be different now. The main reason this has changed is because COVID-19 has made testing impossible as sites have not been able to be opened because they are usually schools. My daughter’s ACT scheduled test-time was pushed back twice until they told her it may not happen. I would like a refund, but, that is another post entirely.

Althought, this is good news overall, your homeschooler still has some prep to take care of. Here are some tips:

  1. If your child is a high-schooler who is homeschooled and entering their final year of high school with plans to attend college in 2021, check their college(s) of choice to see if they indicate whether they are test-optional for 2021 applicants. My daughter is interested in going to either of two Maryland state schools and neither of them require homeschooled applicants to take a standardized test.
  2. Work with your high-schooler now to begin developing application materials including an essay and clear transcript. Also have them begin identifying folks who will write good recommendations for them for their college application package. If tests are no longer being used, be sure that everything else will matter all the more.

Happy homeschooling!

Dr. Khadijah Z. Ali-Coleman started So Our Youth Aspire (SOYA) in 2006. She is a cultural critic, educator and homeschooling mom. Learn more at khadijahali-coleman.com

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