Record-Keeping for Your Dual-Enrolled Homeschooled Child

This video is an explanation of what college general education requirements are and how to organize your child’s records if they are homeschooling for high school and taking college courses. It’s hard enough managing your own life, but having to find order to your child’s educational progress to be able to advise them and help them develop order can be overwhelming.

I am still growing in this area and post some of the things I learn or are working on in the Facebook group Dual-Enrolled Homeschooled High School Students. This video was posted there last month. It is long and meandering at times (I was doing too much, lol) but I do eventually have visual examples of how to maintain your records. I do this for all things she has participated in so I can have something to refer to for portfolio reviews and when creating/updating transcripts that she has needed for summer programs and will need for college applications to four-year institutions.

Watch more videos about homeschooling HERE:

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