Curating Your Child’s Learning By OutSourcing for Help

During the 2022 Black Family Homeschool Educators and Scholarsl Virtual Teach-In, panelists Akil Parker and Tracie Yorke shared their expertise on outsourcing for help when homeschooling. I outsourced often when homeschooling and found great value in including others in my child’s homeschool journey. I enjoyed this conversation as it gives some tangible examples for those who are new to homeschooling.

Akil Parker retired from the School District of Philadelphia in 2018 to grow and develop his math tutoring and educational consulting company, All This Math, LLC. He works diligently to empower youth through mathematics education.He worked in Philadelphia Public School classrooms as a math teacher for over 15 years, teaching courses ranging from pre-algebra to calculus, including state-standardized test prep and SAT/ACT prep. His own children have inspired him to expand his mathematics teaching and tutoring beyond the classroom. Akil was a speaker in the 2nd Annual BFHES Virtual Teach-In and the BFHES New Year’s Festival of Ideas.

Tracie Yorke (she/her/ella) is a researcher, technologist, educator, dancer/choreographer and proud homeschooling mom. She is a passionate advocate for inclusive educational models, STEAM education, and immersive learning technologies. With more than15 years of experience in the independent and nonprofit sectors, she regularly consults with organizations in developing effective anti-racist initiatives, instructional design, and emerging technologies. Tracie earned her bachelor’s degree in sociology from Amherst College and a master’s degree in educational technology from Carnegie Mellon University. She studied Spanish Language and Culture Studies at Pontificia Universidad Madre y Maestra Católica in the Dominican Republic.

Black Family Homeschool Educators & Scholars, LLC (BFHES) is the first US-based research and education group dedicated specifically to the topic of black family homeschooling. BFHES continues to engage with our community through our podcast titled, Contemporary Perspectives on Black Homeschooling and maintaining a burgeoning community of homeschool educators via Facebook. Our mission in 2020 was to provide ongoing community engagement regarding black homeschooling through (1) the publication of scholarly and trade work on the topic, and (2) the production of community events targeting black homeschool familites and entrepreneurs engaged in the practice of black homeschooling. Since January 2022, our strategic goals have pivoted, focusing on training Black parents on homeschooling best practices and youth development theory, connecting them with resources and opportunities to optimize their homeschooling practice. Learn more at

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