The Positive Impact of Homeschooling Black Children

When I made this short film two years ago, I was still homeschooling my daughter for high school and she was about to begin what would be her senior year. COVID-19 had put us in quarantine and the world was a lot different from when I had begun homeschooling. Since then, I released the book I co-edited, Homeschooling Black Children in the US: Theory, Practice and Popular Culture, earlier this year and I graduated my daughter from our homeschool in 2021. This past year has been a whirlwind of feelings and experiences, but, it has definitely affirmed the message I share in this video about the positive impact of homeschooling Black children.

Since starting university in 2021, my formerly homeschooled daughter has really come into her own. Yes, I still pretty much serve as her academic advisor and coach each semester when she registers for courses, but, now that she lives across the country from me, daily living choices are all up to her. And, I must say, she has been doing quite well in that department. She finished her first year making the dean’s list and having a friend circle that she cultivated from her first week in her new environment. She has traveled with her scholarship program, become adept at traveling through a new city that she now calls home and really finding who she is through her new independence. Homeschooling really gave her a blueprint on how that is done. I am so proud of her! I share this as inspiration to those who are just starting to homeschool. I am so glad that I chose homeschooling for our family.

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