SOYA Services

S.O.Y.A. Trains Your Staff

Arrange to have S.O.Y.A. train your staff on how to utilize best practices in working with the youth within your program. S.O.Y.A. training workshops are stimulating, informative, hands-on and engaging. Trainers encourage dialogue, questions, interaction and activity. Participants receive notebooks of training information and activity ideas. S.O.Y.A. training is professional yet never boring!

Who Benefits Best From S.O.Y.A Trainings?

S.O.Y.A. trainings are suited for all types of agencies that provide programming for youth. S.O.Y.A. has provided trainings for staff of after-school programs, staff working on college campuses, teachers, and program administrators.

How Long Are Trainings?

S.O.Y.A. trainings are designed to reflect the training needs of the agency. For example, if your agency would like a week of training to revolve around ways to prepare staff to facilitate and prepare curriculum, then an appropriate training week would be developed, given the time slots you designate and request. S.O.Y.A. has done trainings for agencies that have ranged from a one hour training session to a full 8-hour day training that has included three to five training topics. S.O.Y.A. can also plan with you a week-long training based on your agency’s training needs.

What is the Cost of Training?

Training cost is based on the length of training, number of training participants and the location of your training site. Included in the training cost is the cost of session materials (notebooks, pens, and session packets) and trainer fees. Depending on the nature of the requests of your agency, additional cost may be added. For specific rates, email us at
How Many Trainers Will Work With My Staff?
The number of trainers sent to facilitate at your site is based on the training length, training topic and the number of participants in the training session.

Training Workshops

Multiple Learning Styles, Multiple Teaching Styles: How We Learn Best Affects How We Facilitate Best

Participants learn valuable strategies to work with various learning strengths among their youth population. Participants create at least one learning plan during the training to be facilitated and constructively critiqued by peers.

Moving Many More: Facilitating Effectively

Participants identify their own facilitation style and learn ways to optimize their approach. This session includes tips on room arrangement, group management and behavior modification.
Teambuilding 101: Promoting a Sense of Unity Among Your Group
This session can be tailored for program supervisors interested in promoting team spirit among their staff. This session can be tailored, also, for program staff who are interested in promoting membership and belonging among their youth group.

We Are Providing A Service: The Customer Service Aspect of Youth Work

This session helps participants keep in mind that if it were not for their youth clients, they would not have a job. This session teaches the importance of keeping customer service front and center and how to promote your agency’s work throughout the community you work in.
Behind Closed Doors: Hands-On Training for Youth Workers
This training has been most implemented on college campuses for staff who provide residential services. This session can be tailored, however, for different agencies that work with challenging youth populations. The first half of the session is facilitated as an interactive role-play where each participant plays a pivotal character within the role-play. During the latter part of the session, participants critique responses given during the role-play and develop their own strategy when confronting challenging situations.

We Are (but aren’t) All the Same : Recognizing and Practicing Tolerance

This session teaches participants ways to understand the ways difference among youth can be used as teachable moments to discuss the concept of structural racism and promote learning and understanding. This session addresses issues such as racism, sexism, ableism and “hood” wars.
Breaking the Ice: Fun Activities to Begin Your Group Session
What’s the difference between an icebreaker and an energizer? Why is it important to begin your youth session in an upbeat manner whenever possible? In this session, learn ways to begin your session with good will and energy.

Grant Writing Consultation

S.O.Y.A. Writes Your Grants

What services does your agency provide for youth? Does it focus on literacy, vocational training, pregnancy prevention, sports, etc.? Do you need additional money to fund your program and don’t know how to begin? S.O.Y.A. offers hands-on grant writing assistance.
What is the Cost of Grant Writing Assistance?
Grant Writing Assistance cost is based on nature of the requests of your agency. Your agency has the option of securing from S.O.Y.A. grant writing assistance that can include help with researching available grants, editing grant drafts, writing grant drafts, and providing basic instruction in grant writing. For specific rates, email us at

Curriculum and Program Development

Effective programs meet the needs of their youth participants. Develop a program that is effective.

S.O.Y.A. Helps You Develop Your Successful Program.

Successful youth programs are ones that meet the needs of their youth population and advance youth development. S.O.Y.A. works with agencies that need consultant assistance to develop curriculum or take the lead in program development. S.O.Y.A. works from a youth development approach.

What Types of Curriculum and Program Components Has S.O.Y.A. helped develop?

S.O.Y.A. has developed program curriculum, seasonal program activity plans, and training manuals to serve as teaching guides. S.O.Y.A. staff has also served as consultants for agencies planning their yearly calendar of events.

How Does S.O.Y.A. help with Developing My Program Curriculum?

S.O.Y.A. can help in this area by meeting with your agency to first determine what your program goals and population are, and then utilize a step-by-step process for creating a program that matches the needs of your target population while meeting the requirements of your grant funding.

S.O.Y.A. helps with holding focus groups, researching and doing the necessary legwork in ensuring your program will truly reach its optimal best.

Contact us at for prices and services.