Daughters of Destiny Girls Enrichment Program

Daughters of Destiny Inc, team of professionals  host programs specifically geared for young ladies ages 9-17. These programs are designed to promote high self esteem, positive attitude, problem solving, health and hygiene, overcome peer pressure, and other issues that affect young ladies.

So Our Youth Aspire (SOYA)’s founder Khadijah Z. Ali-Coleman will be facilitating a Visioning Board activity for the young ladies this weekend, Saturday, January 29 at 11am. Learn more about Daughters of Destiny HERE.¬† Email us at SoOurYouthAspire@yahoo.com for more information about the workshop.

Sisters4Sisters’ Daughters of Destiny this Saturday

Sisters4Sisters, Inc., an organization that brings together women from all types of backgrounds and engages them in activities devoted to bonding through service to others has been around for over ten years and continues to be a beacon of light to the women who are a part of the organization and those who are served by it. Founder Carolyn White-Washington decided about seven years ago that she wanted a program within Sisters4Sisters to be about young women,  helping to raise them within a nurturing and empowering program, From that idea, Daughters of Destiny was born.

This Saturday, join Daughters of Destiny for a three-hour event that will be hosted by recording-artist Tanya Blount and feature a whole host of activities for girls aged 9-17 years-old.

Don’t miss it!