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DC Social Worker –a friend of SOYA–Appears In Post

A Lonely Stand Against the Streets
By Courtland MilloyWednesday, October 3, 2007; Page B01

When Ann Brogioli showed up in the Washington Highlands for a candlelight vigil not long ago, teenagers ran to greet her with unabashed affection. Neither D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty nor D.C. Council member Marion Barry, who represents the Southeast neighborhood, was received as warmly when each arrived.
“Miss Bo-jolly,” a boy called out, clearly relishing the mispronounced sound of her Italian name. He was standing with a group of stone-faced youths in the courtyard of the public housing complex where 14-year-old DeOnté Rawlings had been shot and killed by an off-duty D.C. police officer.

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SOYA commends the work that Ann Brogioli does for the youth in Hart Middle School located in southeast DC. We love you Ms. Brogioli.