SOYA Advocates for the Arts in DC

Arts plays a pivotal role in the implementation of youth programming in the District and across the country. SOYA has worked with numerous organizations and individuals over the past five years as a consultancy aiding in arts-infused program curriculum. Today, SOYA took part in Arts Advocacy Day in DC to implore DC council members to keep arts funding alive.
The share of foundation and corporate funding being directed to the arts in DC is in an unmistakable decline. Between 1998 and 2007, the percentage of foundation funding directed to the arts decreased from 14.8 to 10.6 percent. The corporate giving share to the arts decreased from 10.3 to 4.6 percent during the same period. With our changing economic landscape, how can we make a change for the better regarding arts funding in the District?
The best advocate for the arts is YOU. All members of the arts community- staff, volunteer leaders, artists and audiences- have the expertise needed to make the case for
good arts policy. Your first-hand knowledge of the arts and their impact on your life is one of the most important components of any advocacy campaign seeking the support of legislators. SOYA founder Khadijah Ali-Coleman joined the DC Advocates for the Arts today, March 3, to speak with Ward 7 council member Yvette Alexander to talk about how the arts transforms communities.

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