Research Study of Dual-Enrolled African American Homeschooled Students’ Perceptions of Preparedness for Community College

Thank you to everyone who participated in this study. The research has been completed and the dissertation study has been published on ProQuest. You can read it for free HERE.

Thank you again to all who participated and those who spread the word.

Study Overview: This study examines the perceptions of African American dual-enrolled homeschooled students recently or currently enrolled in community colleges located throughout the United States

Approximately 5% of homeschooled children in the US are African American. This study wants to learn about the perceptions of African American homeschoolers who attend or recently attended community college while they were homeschooled during their high school years.

Ethical approval:

This research has been approved by the Morgan State University’s IRB Committee.

About the researcher:

Dr. Khadijah Z. Ali-Coleman conducted this study as a doctoral student at Morgan State University in the the Department of Advanced Leadership and Policy Studies within the School of Education and Urban Studies. You can reach her at