Creating a Mission Board to Jump Start Your Homeschooling Year

I love making vision boards to start the new year. For me, they are an art project that puts affirmations in motion. I also love collage art in general and find them to be soothing to create. As a homeschooling parent, I suggest to other homeschooling parents to create a mission statement for their homeschooling practice to help keep their eyes on the prize when it comes to meeting certain objectives they want to strive for when curating their children’s learning experience. The mission board is a great blending of two great ideas– the mission statement and the vision board. Check out this video I created earlier this year and shared on Facebook and YouTube for members of two homeschooling groups I manage on Facebook.

Dr. Khadijah Z. Ali-Coleman is the content manager of So Our Youth Aspire (SOYA) and the co-founder of Black Family Homeschool Educators and Scholars (BFHES). She has homeschooled her daughter off and on throughout her P-12 schooling journey. Learn more at

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The video above is an excerpt from my presentation “Success in Homeschooling Our Teens” presented June 2020 in the Liberated Minds Virtual Expo.

I talk about the ways that we conflate “outcomes” and “opportunities” and how it is helpful to determine what we want the learning outcomes to be before we plan activities that offer supposed opportunities for our children.

It is challenging sometimes for parents to homeschool teens because of the physical changes young people are experiencing with hormones and the pyschosocial development stage a teen may be encountering. I talk about that and ways we can navigate this process as homeschooling parents. I am homeschooling a teen who is in her last year of high school. I share what I have learned as a homeschooling mama, an educator and a researcher who happens to focus on homeschooling.


Khadijah Ali-Coleman, Ed.D. is co-founder of Black Family Homeschool Educators and Scholars (BFHES). Learn more at